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Tanya is an Autism Specialist, trainer and consultant and has worked with vulnerable groups in varying capacities for the past 17 years. She has dedicated the past 7 years to working specifically with Autistic people and their families. Tanya is able to offer a unique and holistic approach as a professional, an Autistic adult and a parent of Autistic children.

As an Autism Specialist Tanya’s work is very varied, she works with and takes referrals from a number of professionals such as consultant psychiatrists, social workers, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups etc.  Tanya’s work focuses on presentations that may be considered complex, these include but are not limited to: co-occurring psychiatric conditions, social issues, addiction, exploitation, atypical presentation, behaviour described as challenging, Pathalogical Demand Avoidance etc. Tanya works with families, professionals, children, young people and adults and is often seen as a link between Autistic people, their families and services.

Tanya has vast knowledge and a keen interest in Autism research and how this applies in practice. She is passionate about educating on Autistic experience, whether this is Autistic people and their families in order to better, understand their differences, adapt and self-advocate or educating professionals in order to improve outcomes for Autistic people accessing services.

Tanya has a good understanding of social care, education law and Education, Health and Care Plans (including EOTIS).

Tanya regularly provides consultancy and training to other professionals and organisations working with Autistic people and their families across education, health, social care and business.

Tanya has been nominated for a national diversity award for 3 years running and is regularly invited to speak at academic institutions and charities such as The National Autistic Society and Autistic Parents UK. She is a regular guest educator for the community interest company, Aucademy – Education on Autistic Experience for everyone.





To work with someone so dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable is an absolute privilege.




Tanya, you have made such a difference to this family. This is your calling.




You just get me!

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