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The problem with resilience.


Slightly sweary, rant post!

We should start some kind of campaign to remove the word from education all together!

The problem with resilience!

Strap yourselves in folx it's about to be a bumpy ride!!

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING rages me more than when so-called professionals throw the word RESILIENCE at our kids….

What sort of monster looks at a disabled child, struggling and say's "they need to toughen up, they need to try harder!" WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????

"Oh I'm sorry your mental health is in tatters, disabled young person because you haven't had any of the adjustments OR the suitable education that you are LEGALLY entitled to…. We've been waiting for you to FAIL you see (despite having a proactive duty). When you do FAIL, we will stick the boot in when your down JUST to make sure there isn't a little glimmer of hope left inside that we haven't extinguished and BLAME YOU, a DISABLED CHILD, and tell you that you need to BUILD RESILIENCE."

SERIOUSLY!! F**K OFF!! Who does that?

Can you imagine being a child thinking… when I grow up I want to make disabled children suffer to pay my mortgage because that's what my puppet masters (LA) demand??

How do these people sleep at night???

I needed to get that off my chest!

Much Love

Tanya <3

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